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Penye nia pana njia.

Hey everyone, how are you? I am sorry it took so long to get this blog up. Getting settled in Kampala has been a slow, slow process! Lots of delays and headaches. I am currently a reporter working for New Vision, a public-private company that has editorial independence but like all Ugandan papers, faces some media censorship. I also freelance to other websites and companies, like Women’s eNews. Today’s reporting is off to a slow start. I’ve been working on this piece on juvenile youth in remand centers since I arrived, submitted the first draft of my story, met with my editor, and am doing some follow-up reporting. Supposed to meet my source today at 10:30 but I missed a text last night that he sent me telling me had flu and was ill. Maybe tomorrow? I was sitting in the grass on the side of Jinja Highway, then.. oops. Okay, maybe tomorrow. I then went to an internet cafe to do some printing since I didn’t want to use New Vision printers to print stuff that’s not NV-related, mailed a bunch of stuff at the post office, and am back to the office… working on about nine stories, so I better get back to them.  My favorite assignment is a comparison of coffee and beer- which is worse for your health? I despise beer and worship coffee, but I’ll try to stay objective!

Penye nia pana njia.
(Where there is a will, there is a way.  Kiswahili.)

Penye nia pana njia.