It’s Friday, Kids…

Hey everyone, how are you? I am doing okay, very hectic day at work.  Moved some of my stuff to my new apartment, but it’s being painted, so I will be staying at a friend’s place while I wait for the paint to dry, and the fumes to lessen…

I went to the American embassy with a friend today, but it was closed for a long Fourth of July weekend.  It’s funny, I feel more patriotic in Uganda than I ever do feel at home.  Actually, I hadn’t felt that patriotic in many years until last year’s election, when I was hit emotionally with a huge wave of patriotism after Obama was elected.  I felt so proud to be American then, and particularly proud of how the country was evolving.  Normally, I’m pretty cynical when it comes to foreign policy, racial and economic inequality, etc., but last year’s election really moved me to tears, especially during the inauguration.  Now I’m in Uganda, and I genuinely feel proud to be not just from the U.S., but the hectic, chaotic, but beautiful city that is New York…

Not sure what I am up to this weekend.  Actually I know.  Playing catchup is my first priority.  The queue of stories I need to write is staggering.  I can feel sweat building on my brow at just the thought.  Supposed to have a story for Women’s eNews this Sunday, which I’m thrilled about.

What’s in the news today? Uganda has its first offical swine flu case, a Briton who was put in isolation in Entebbe.  The man is said to be in good condition.  Check out my colleague Anthony Bugembe’s coverage of the country’s dreaded first case.

President Museveni has declared war  on female circumcision, a practice done in initiation rituals by a few minority ethnic groups in eastern and northeastern Uganda.  Check out the story I did for Women’s eNews on a bill tabled by a Ugandan MP, doctor, and women’s advocate to make the practice illegal in the country.  What are your thoughts on this complicated issue? 

Miss you all so much,



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