I Get Older and Unwiser Probably

Hey folks! Hope you’re all off to have lovely weekends.  My week was okay, really hectic in the beginning then slowed down a bit.  Tomorrow I am meeting a group of people at a restaurant/bar called Zone 7 in Bugalobi, for my birthday, then going to Jinja the following weekend to see the Nile to keep the celebration going one more week.  As one professor once described this: jubilation.  I don’t know if 24 is worth jubilation, but I am always happy to find a moment to count my blessings & celebrate.  We don’t know how long we have on this planet, so it’s good to periodically appreciate the moments that we have!

My friend Gerald is off to a journalism conference in Florida, which will be honoring African journalists.  I’m so proud of him.  I set up a google news alert for him (Gerald Bareebe), and I am always amazed at how many well-crafted articles he produces in a month! Eesh! Congrats!

And I get older….

The past year has been insane, and the future is so vague, so undefined, that I feel almost too terrified to look beyond a week or two.  But I pray that the upcoming year surpasses my expectation and takes me to 25 in one piece.  Boda-boda drivers, take heed: one piece! Pleaseeee.

To another year,



2 responses to “I Get Older and Unwiser Probably

  1. Hey,thank you for your postings,i must say it’s so fascinating to see some one from a foreign land understanding our issues so well.hope i can get to meet you in person,if possible let me know using my email address.

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