Check Out my Story about Hillary Clinton :)

Hey everyone, I’m sorry that I’ve been so awful this month with updating my blog.  Things have been very hectic, and I guess I fell off the blogging bandwagon.   Some news, I’m taking a break from Uganda and heading back to New York to focus on some other ventures, namely the Global Family project that I got a grant for in December.  I feel like the project would run a lot more smoothly in New York than it does in Kampala, where the internet is awful on a good day.  On a bad day, well, let’s not go there!

I’ll be job-hunting as well, so let me know if you have any tips.  I know the economy is bad, but I am still very excited about heading back to the States. 

I love being a journalist… that’s the truth of it.  I was soo happy with a cover story I published on Women’s eNews last Sunday, on Hillary Clinton’s trip to the Congo.  One of the best parts was interviewing Eve Ensler, the founder and voice for the V-Day Movement.  Check out my cover story here…. (yay!) This month has been great at New Vision as well, have been happy with the different stories I’ve been reporting, especially some recent research and writing I’ve been doing on cerebral malaria (story will come out next month).




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