About Rebecca Harshbarger

Rebecca Harshbarger is a 24-year-old reporter based in New York, who just returned from six months of reporting in Uganda.  Her company, AfricaConnections, launched a news site for African immigrants, starting with Ugandans in the diaspora.  The site will use diaspora services (wire transfers cheaper than Western Union & Money Gram, an online store with Ugandan products, sending gifts to relatives in Kampala using Paypal) to fund independent journalism in East Africa.  The site, Ugandans Abroad, went live in early December.

Rebecca has a master’s in business reporting from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, a new media journalism school in Times Square.  She has a degree in Africana studies and writing from Sarah Lawrence College, a small liberal arts college in Bronxville, New York.  Her family is originally from California and Utah, and she was born in San Francisco.

Entebbe, Uganda

Entebbe, Uganda


7 responses to “About Rebecca Harshbarger

  1. Hi Becky, from your #1 blogging fan. I’m impressed with the upgrade of your site: links and pictures, as well as a breezy format. The coincidence of overweight/diabetes with malnutrition is fascinating. That might be an angle for you to explore for the international newsmedia. Eileen and I just came back from camping in the Smoky Mountain region of Kentucky. You can find the same thing there. I’m still envious of your freedom and adventure-filled life.
    Rich Green

  2. Hello Rebecca

    I admire the work you are doing and seek your support to encourage others to celebrate my vision of an International Gynecological Awarness Day 10 September annually in an effort to save womens lives and have better dialogue of womens health in the world.
    I am a Gyn Cancer survivor of 15 years and am amazed how little women know about Gyn Health conditions. Please google my name to see more of my work . Regards Kath (Australia)

  3. Fascinating… just read the entire site in one sitting. Loved your insights and thoughs – you’ve managed to put into words thoughts I’ve had over the years on all my visits to ug – thank you.

    Shame you are leaving Ug for a bit -i’ll be around christmas/new year – if you are back it would be cool to hook up over a drink – let me know.


  4. Hi! I am interested in making a link with you as I am researching my father’s dissappearance in Uganda in 1977. I am fascinated that you are working in Kampala, it surprises me that ‘foreign’ journalists are employed there! Please get in contact with me, Cherie Scanlon

  5. Hey Rebecca,

    Have been thinking of you through these tumultuous times in Kampala. Keep up the great work and writing!

    Warm regards,


  6. We are a new Uganda online news testing the waters before launching print press in under a year. You may find us in http://str8talkchronicle.com where we are temporary reporting as we assemble the team. Str8talk Chronicle is currently a subsidiary of SIGro-GRP Financials, a company federally incorporated in Canada. Most of the team members being Ugandans resident abroad, we plan to revolutionize news and reporting in Uganda. Already we have registered a few professional reporters in London, Dallas, Kampala, Gulu and Ottawa – one in each of this cities. Your location is attractive and we should be glad if you accepted to report for us. Again, we do not intend to remain online but implement print in time for the 2011 election. Kindly reply.

    Managing Director.

  7. Well hello to you Rebecca, you look really nice. So glad you love Africa. Keep on keepin on.

    Sincerely, ryan.


    P.S. Have you heard of a) http://invisiblechildren.com/home.php & b) http://www.guardian.co.uk/katine ? Remarkable.

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